Imogen from Hampshire

You may remember I bought various Pranan products for my daughter who suffered from 24/7 headaches and regular debilitating migraines.  Their house was close to a local power line and she worked from home in an office / computer/ phone based environment. When I initially handed her the Phiwaves in our lounge with the tv on she detected an immediate effect.

Later on that evening, back at home, it dawned on her that her persistent 24/7 headache had disappeared. I am pleased to report that 2 months on she is still experiencing very few and much milder headaches. Her instances of migraines are also much reduced, so much so that she has been able to stop taking her GP prescribed ‘headache’ targeted medicine. Given the dramatic effect of the the Phiwaves she now has a Biospace tower protecting the house / family.

I am very confident that the Pranan technologies have markedly improved her health. We ourselves are enjoying the comfort of knowing we and her family are protected by Pranan devices.

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