Graphene Phiwaves EMF Protector

After months of increasing deterioration of a number of worrying symptoms (memory loss, poor concentration, clouded thinking, headaches, disturbed sleep, tinnitus, digestive problems, and extreme fatigue) and several visits to the GP, which shed no light on underlying causes, I went for epigenetic testing. This highlighted as a ‘priority’ that I ‘reduce EMF exposure’, so after a lot of research about the science behind the available devices in the market, I tried Pranan’s Phiwaves. I really didn’t expect how quick and positive the effect was; within a week the improvement was remarkable in all areas except digestion. Changes around memory, concentration and capacity to think were the most rapid, and welcomed, as I had been worried that I was developing early-onset dementia – clearly not!

A word of caution: one of the first nights, I placed the device under my pillow overnight and I had multiple vivid dreams and such activity going on in my head that my sleep was very disturbed -it was like my thoughts had been suppressed for long and were suddenly frantic at being released. I contacted Klaus (Pranan Technologies) about this effect, as sleep was an issue, and he suggested I place the device at some distance from my head first and gradually move it toward the pillow. I’m pleased to say this worked.

I experienced another benefit that I wouldn’t have anticipated when I went abroad. I was dreading going to the airport and airplane (although I’ve always loved flying) because of how Intensely draining I had been experiencing these in the last year or so. Not only I didn’t feel my energy drained, after the return flight I had no jet lag! I haven’t been able to put that to the test again this Easter given the current situation, but the only thing that I did different to previous long-haul flights (to the same part of the World) was to carry my Phiwaves close to me at all times (by the way, it does not beep when you pass the airport control).

Finally, I was so happy with the device that I bought another as a gift for my dad.

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