Resonance Harmoniser App Available for Android Mobile Phones

Pranan Frequency Generator App

16/09/2022 Pranan Technologies has decoded and programmed a set of harmonic frequencies for achieving body balance with the objective of eliminating “cellular noise” and thus contributing to their regeneration. They are applied by auditory channels (headphones) and can be downloaded to your cell phone by installing the APP developed by Pranan Technologies (now available for Android).

The APP is used to play binaural and monoaural synchronisation modulations. These beats generate stimuli through auditory channels, converting acoustic pressure waves into potential neuronal actions through mechanoelectrical transduction.

The APP, called “Frequency Generator”, is easy to find with the Play Store search engine using the word “pranan”. The APP currently has three beats; RELAX 8R5 which facilitates and induces a state of relaxation and rest, VITALIZER which heightens and harmonises Vital energy and REGENERATOR which eliminates cellular noise and its regeneration.

A clinical trial has been conducted on the last beat, REGENERATOR, using blood analysis to verify its efficacy as an efficient reducer of cellular noise. The conclusions of the study are that in all cases, the application of the binaural beats developed by Pranan Technologies brings about an improvement in red blood cells and reduces “cellular noise”, thereby improving cellular communication, pH balance in blood and the excretory function.

This trial, directed by doctors from Clínica Digestalia in Barcelona, marks a milestone by demonstrating that listening to binaural beats brings about some very significant changes in blood samples taken from patients participating in the study.

About Binaural Beats. The binaural sound is emitted when two different frequencies are applied to each ear. The brain perceives a single sound, a frequency that is the difference between the two.