Living with EMF Radiation

How to Survive the Toxic EMF Polluted Environment

We live surrounded by an electromagnetic environment. The continuous technological advances are causing this type of pollution to proliferate.
Electromagnetic pollution is cumulative in our bodies and can cause imbalances in the short and long term.
At home, in the bedroom, in the street, in offices. More and more scientists and international agencies are warning on the potentially harmful biological effects in the short and long term in the environment and on human health. We are told about the dangers from living with smart meters in our homes, 5G masts in the streets and hosts of other sources of ‘electrosmog’. So what can we do to protect ourselves from these apparently pernicious but necessary appliances?

Pranan Advantages
Our devices, made from precious metal nano-particles and minerals, function as passive autotransformers, so require no batteries and no maintenance and have an unlimited lifetime as long as inner structure remains intact. They protect you just by carrying them.

Paris Declaration
A declaration of experts was issued on March 23rd 2009 at the French Senate. Scientists and professors who, under the title of “Wireless technologies: A New Health Concern”, unanimously recognized that exposure to electromagnetic fields is a potential serious risk for public health and requires application of the principle of precaution.

Protect yourself by making responsible use of new technologies. Apply the precautionary principle using our Pranan devices.

Check the video from AMN below for more information: