Former NASA Chief of Medical Operations commits to PRANAN technology

Roger Bilica

Former NASA Chief of Medical Operations is committed to PRANAN technology.

Roger Billica, former director of the NASA Medical Operations Center (Houston, USA) has reached a collaboration agreement with Pranan Technologies, for the prescription and distribution of Pranan devices in the US.

Roger, who was a prestigious physician and researcher, was inducted into the National Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2017 for his leadership and efforts in developing the health care system for the International Space Station. In 2023 he selected Pranan devices as an effective method of radiation and electromagnetic protection for individuals and homes.

Roger being interviewed by Beth O’Hara

Dr. Billica contacted Pranan Technologies after learning about the research and scientific publications that the American biophysicist James L. Oschman carried out on the effectiveness of Pranan technology as protection against electromagnetic pollution, and on the device’s regenerative effects on the body.

After testing and evaluating the efficacy of the Pranan devices with his patients at his integrative medical clinic in Colorado (USA), Dr. Billica expressed to Pranan how impressed he was with the results. He stated that this was the most effective form of shielding from harmful electromagnetic radiation that he has found, and that it was significantly more effective than other technologies he has used in recent years.

On February 23, 2023, Dr. Billica presented Pranan technology to a gathering of health care providers and researchers at the International Symposium on Frequency Specific Microcurrent, held in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). During his presentation he thanked Pranan Technologies for offering this revolutionary and necessary technology to the world. The interest in and response to the technology during the symposium was extremely positive.

Dr. Billica is now working with Pranan Technologies to develop and implement a marketing and distribution system for their products in the United States.