Frequently asked questions about Pranan EMF Protection devices


What do you mean by non-ionising electromagnetic radiation?

We refer to harmful radiation emitted by mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, radar, satellites, scanners, wireless networks and so on. They are also referred to as low intensity radiation. They are among the low frequencies or radio and ultraviolet frequencies. In our case, we refer mainly to waves with frequencies ranging between 100 kHz and 300 GHz.

What is the foundation of Pranan Technology?

Pranan Technology is based primarily on developing the methods and systems to identify and decode electromagnetic frequencies harmful to human health, transforming them into harmless frequencies that can simultaneously assimilate and enhance the bioenergetic activity in the nucleus of body cells.

Where does it originate from?

From research conducted by space agencies, especially in the former Soviet Union in its attempt to minimize the effects of cumulative radiation on astronauts from instruments in space capsules. Since then several proposals have arisen as a result of these experiences. With the introduction of nanotechnologies in all its products, Pranan has been able to significantly improve the effectiveness and action range of its protection devices, globally pioneering this aspect.

How does Pranan Technology work?

Pranan devices are basically wide range waves passive converters in the fine physical fields. In other words, it converts the length and frequency of electromagnetic waves harmful to the human body into waves with a frequency and natural length that the human body can assimilate. That is, Pranan Technology does not store or filter radiation, but transforms their frequency, wavelength and intensity into those that humans can assimilate better.

How can we identify electrosmog (electromagnetic smog)?

There are no measuring instruments as yet approved by Science that allow us establish comparisons for these fine electromagnetic fields. Their effects can only be evaluated by biochemical studies. Gradually, other disciplines are focusing on this problem and expanding the information available to scientists and industry accordingly.

Are there any contraindications?

None, as demonstrated in biochemical studies at the University of Granada. Pranan devices are an excellent method of protection against the underlying state of oxidative stress and inflammation, and correcting this results in a better state of physiological control and improved health.

What does the PhiWaves device protect against?

It protects against the electromagnetic radiation from wireless networks such as WiFi, computers, microwave ovens, mobile phone antennas, etc.
Its use is also recommended to limit the electromagnetic pollution you receive when travelling on planes and trains.

Do protectors interfere with the operation of electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, etc?

No, they do not interfere with such devices operation or cause any interference with any other devices of a different nature. They are passive converters with no charge.

When working with a computer, can the personal protector be placed between the keyboard and the screen?

Yes, and it is recommended that the personal protector is placed between the computer screen and the body. The effect is the same when carried in shirt or jacket pockets.

What range do personal and mobile phone protectors reach?

All studies indicate the personal protector effectiveness is within a range between a meter and a meter and a half around its location. The mobile phone protector is suitable for a concentrated space of fifty centimeters to fully protect the sensitive area of the human brain while talking on the mobile phone.

When carrying my protection device, is it also necessary to use the mobile phone protector?

It is very convenient, as the cell phone protector is designed to be in permanent contact with the phone itself and close to the brain sensitive area, protecting against the higher magnitude radiation produced from the moment direct calls are established.

Which is the best place to use the personal protector, in my pocket, wallet or handbag?

Experience shows that the best place to carry it is as close to body as possible, but it is also effective in a range of up to a meter and a half.

When carried in a handbag, is it the same effective?

Yes, but in the case of leather bags, leather acts as a radiation shield and lowers the performance or the protection device.

When carried in a wallet, is it also effective?

Yes, and carrying in your trousers, shirt or jacket pocket are also suitable.

When replacing my mobile phone, will affixing my device onto the new one also be effective?


Is it advisable to use my personal protector at night whilst sleeping?

Yes, it is highly recommended. While sleeping you may be surrounded by electromagnetic pollution (wireless networks, electrical networks, etc).

Is the mobile phone protection device also effective with 3rd, 4th and 5th generation phones, smartphones, etc?

Yes, as the nanomaterials used in the manufacture of Pranan protection devices make them especially effective against this type of phone radiation.

Is it necessary to place the personal protector under my pillow or is it best to place it on a bedside table?

Your personal protection device is more effective the closer it is to the body, so it is advisable to place it under your pillow.
This will maximise its effectiveness against electromagnetic pollution (WiFi, wireless networks, etc.) present inside the room where you are sleeping.

Can there be adverse reactions at night during the first few days of use?

No, but occasionally some users have reported an adaption period of less than 5 days before reaching deep sleep.

Is the protector suitable for protection on planes, trains, cars, boats, subway other transport means?

Yes, besides, in aircraft cabins there is especially intensive radiation from the accumulation of devices embedded in them.

Are they effective against ionising radiation?

The devices have only been tested against the influence of non-ionising radiation.
As yet, we have no evidence regarding ionising radiation.

Are they compatible with pacemakers?

Being passive converters with no charge, they have no effect on pacemakers and other devices and valves inserted for various functions in the human body.

Can pregnant women use Pranan devices?

Of course, and without limitation of use. In addition, they are particularly recommended for the protection of the newborn, who are extremely sensitive to non-ionising radiation.

What if my device has been exposed to water (e.g. washing machine, pools)?

The device will continue to operate provided its original structure is intact.

What lifetime duration can I expect from my Pranan device?

Unlimited, as long as there is no external physical deterioration or breakage of the device.