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News about EMF protection devices published by Pranan.

Former NASA Chief of Medical Operations commits to PRANAN technology

Roger Bilica

08/05/23 Former NASA Chief of Medical Operations is committed to PRANAN technology. Roger Billica, former director of the NASA Medical Operations Center (Houston, USA) has reached a collaboration agreement with Pranan Technologies, for the prescription and distribution of Pranan devices in the US. Roger, who was a prestigious physician and researcher, was inducted into the […]

Resonance Harmoniser App Available for Android Mobile Phones

Pranan Frequency Generator App

16/09/2022 Pranan Technologies has decoded and programmed a set of harmonic frequencies for achieving body balance with the objective of eliminating “cellular noise” and thus contributing to their regeneration. They are applied by auditory channels (headphones) and can be downloaded to your cell phone by installing the APP developed by Pranan Technologies (now available for […]

First clinical trial on the efficacy of Pranan devices against 5G

Clinical Trial News

Dark-field microscopy technology was used to test the efficacy of the Pranan devices when the subject was exposed to 5G networks and EMF. This clinical trial shows important improvements in all subjects when the PRANAN technology is used to shield against EMF emitted by 5G radiofrequency networks, Wi-Fi, base stations and cell phone towers. Extremely […]

Pranan technology supported for the second time in a Scientific Journal

James L. Oschman, PhD

05.06.18 The scientific journal “International Journal of Advanced Complementary and Traditional Medicine” published an article titled “Technology to protect against environmental electromagnetic fields” written and developed by American scientist James L. Oschman. The research explores the mechanisms used by Pranan devices to effectively protect the body against electromagnetic radiation. James L. Oschman is a biophysicist, […]

Bio-electrographic Study from the University of Saint Petersburg

The logo of St Petersburg University

SAINT PETERSBURG UNIVERSITY Bio-electrographic Study Study of the Effectiveness of Pranan Devices to neutralise the harmful effects of low-intensity radiationon the human body from mobile phones. Pranan technology has also been tested using Dr. K. Korotkov’s GDV-EPC bio-electrography, a technology developed at St. Petersburg State University (Russia). Analysis of the data obtained in that research […]