EMF Protection from Non-Ionizing Radiation

Tested and Approved by Leading Universities and Research Centres Patented by Pranan

EMF Protection

Electromagnetic or EMF radiation from wireless devices is proving increasingly problematic for our health and is particularly serious for younger children and young adults, where further research is needed and is as yet incomplete.
Pranan Technologies was founded in February 2011, to research and develop technologies to improve user’s welfare while ensuring that its EMF protectors are environmentally efficient.

Pranan Technologies is a pioneer in the use of nanotechnology to provide non-ionising EMF radiation protection from sources such as mobile telephones, telephone antennas, computers, 5G masts, etc. (technology filed under patent 201100705 – Protection against electromagnetic radiation).

EMF Protection Efficiency

The energy efficiency and low raw materials consumption of Pranan products are amongst our strongest innovations.
Pranan EMF products do not consume electrical power, and their construction uses nano-particles of minerals and metals. With an unlimited lifespan, they are non-pollutant and brought to you from the cutting edge of research and technological development.

All Pranan technology products are audited and tested by independent bodies with universally accepted testing protocols. Besides, we are happy to provide the results of such studies to any interested party (see the scientific studies page).

The methods and results of the tests carried out on Pranan EMF Protection devices are published together with contact details of the chief research scientist in charge.

PhiOne EMF Protection

Scientific Research into EMF Protection

We actively collaborate with universities and technology centres to test, improve, and certify the effectiveness of our devices. Institutions of great renown such as:

  • The University of Granada Centre for Biomedical Research
  • CTS – 101 Research Group: Intercellular Communications
  • The Complutense University of Madrid School of Medicine
  • The Public University of Navarra Technological Centre for Electronics and Communications R&D
  • The Department of Applied Physics at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

At present, Pranan bring you the only EMF protection devices on the market certified as per the European Directive 2001/95/EC, which guarantees that they meet all requirements in terms of safety. Certificates have been issued by Tüv Rheinland (internationally approved certification body) after carrying out the relevant product audits.

Pranan Technologies is certified under ISO 9001:2008, guaranteeing the quality of our product research and development processes following the rules of the International Standardization Organisation (ISO).

The Gold Standard of EMF Protection

The Pranan family of devices offers you the current gold standard of EMF protection against non-ionising radiation, a by-product of all wireless devices. Our devices are all tested by physics departments of leading universities. They have found that the devices tested offer 100% protection in both biochemical and bio-electric fields.

Throughout Europe, legal cases are currently under process against environmental pollution caused by the electromagnetic spectrum and its causes. We are currently monitoring legislation that indicates the concern level of Governments regarding this “grey” area.

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